Rhinestones of Wisdom for Today

A colleague of mine complimented my email signature, “when life flips, don’t be a flop.”  I began thinking about that message since it refers to my latest book, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops.”  Although the book is laced with Southern humor using iconic biblical women, the message each person in my book struggled with is synonymous with modern day life throughout our world.

Let’s look at Deceived Eve. This woman wanted more and only realized her blessings when she lost it all.  How many of us now appreciate little things, like a roll of toilet paper?

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Domestic Diva Martha was angry at her sister, Mary because she was not helping prepare for a visit from Jesus. How many of us would be thankful to be able to invite a guest into our home?

Salty Mrs. Lot… she wanted to stay in the city she knew.  This was a place where she was comfortable because she did not want to change.  Lot’s wife fought the idea of embracing a new life and when she looked back, things got pretty salty. You can ask any “seasoned” person (just had to use that pun) and they will tell you that we all need to be flexible. I believe there are two words that will help us function in our new normal—adapt and change. 

Sarai, the Mother of Nations. God promised that she would be the Mother of Nations but she was elderly and way beyond child bearing years. Her husband, Abraham was no spring rooster either. I wonder how many times she doubted that her God would deliver on his promises?  Don’t you know she struggled!  How many of us are struggling with God?  Have you looked up to heaven recently and asked, “God, what are you doing? Why is this happening?” One answer is written in Deuteronomy 31:6, He will not leave us or forsake us.

Whiny Naomi…she was pitiful and lamented, “call me Mara.”  That word actually means, bitter. Be honest, aren’t we all somewhat bitter?  If I began making a list of all the things to be bitter about, by the time I completed the list, I’d be calling myself Mara. When did Naomi’s life change?  When she stopped focusing on herself or NaoME.

Now, shift gears. Remember Queen Esther, or Fearless and Fabulous Esther as I call her in my book?  This was one brave Jewish Princess. Did you know that Esther’s Jewish name is Hadassah which also means, “myrtle.” A myrtle trees leaves only release their fragrance when crushed.  So, when you feel crushed, be a heroine with a pleasant scent and use good common sense. In other words, this is a time for abject courage.

The final iconic woman I wrote about is the mother of Jesus.  I asked Thomas who his favorite biblical woman was.  He said, “Mary, the mother of Jesus.  She was obedient and had a heart filled with the purest form of humor—joy.” As a humorist, this resonated with me.  One of my favorite verses is from Psalm 30:5-weeping may stay the night but joy cometh in the morning…

Let’s remember these timeless lessons from our iconic women of the Bible. We should all pray for our world and all who are hurting. But remember the promise; weeping will stop and joy is coming, again.

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