Ringtones say Volumes

Ringtones Say Volumes
It all started years ago when my tech-savvy son, Holmes said, “Hey, Mom, call my phone.  I want you to hear my ringtone for you.”  I did as he requested and heard the Charlie Brown sound imitating parents talking. For those who have never heard the sound, it is completely inaudible. It is like saying, “You are noise to me.”  I remember thinking that same thought when I was a teenager. Yes, ringtones say volumes.
That led to “who can find the most entertaining ringtone” contest.  Once, I was with my daughter Caroline and heard, “If I only Had a Brain” from the Wizard of Oz. She calmly looked at me and said, “Holmes is calling.” 
One memorable ringtone event was when I was using the bathroom at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport and heard the theme from “Jaws” coming from the next stall. If you have ever seen that movie and granted most have, you will check the body of water you are near….just to make sure.
Holmes decided to change his father’s ringtone to bodily functions sounds which explains why Caroline used the “Wizard of Oz” scarecrow song for his ringtone.  Now Thomas is a sophisticated Southern gentleman who has many respected clients in his financial services business.  Just the mere thought of those sounds being heard in a serious business meeting was enough to entertain Holmes.
I told that child his daddy will KILL him so get rid of that ringtone.  Well, Holmes did but without us knowing it, changed it back to the bodily functions sounds during our Thanksgiving meal.  We had invited some friends over and Holmes could not wait to call Thomas’ cell phone during our meal.
Appropriately enough, between the sweet potato soufflé and the serving of the collard greens, the ringtone was activated. To put it mildly our guests practically had to have the Heimlich maneuver administered. Even Thomas laughed.
I have realized the value of the ringtone.  My sound for Caroline is a fun, “Hey, Girl….” For Holmes is it the dark theme from Star Wars since his college calls scare me.  And for my Honey…..the romantic, over exposed, almost sickening song, “My Heart will go On” since my love for him is Titanic.

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