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Senior Moments-Better than Snuff and not quite as Dusty...
Senior Moments-Better than Snuff and not quite as Dusty…

There are just those magical and funny moments that audience members share with you that cannot be made up. These moments are just filled with humor.  I knew this was gonna be a doozy when I heard, “This story is funnier than snuff and not quite as dusty….”
I was making the point that we all need friends who not only make us laugh but also make us snort. My friend Joe Lee makes me snort.
To illustrate the point, I told a story about my buddy, Joe Lee. He told me that he and his brothers were painting the local funeral home and found some teeth “settin’ ” in the shrubbery.  To play a joke on “Momma” they wrapped up the teeth and mailed them to her since she had order some new teeth in the mail.  Joe Lee told me that she wore the funeral home teeth for two weeks before she realized those weren’t her ordered teeth. When her real ones came in she liked the funeral home/shubbery teeth better.  The story goes on and is really funny but the point is that Joe Lee is one of my “snort” friends.
As I was telling the story a woman on the front row was in hysterics. I knew my story was funny but she was having a memory. After my speech she could not wait to tell me her story.
This woman in my audience was a home health nurse and regularly visited an elderly woman.  She said that many of her older patients will tell everything- no secrets. On one visit, this elderly patient said, “I want to tell you about my teeth. Several years ago, I lost my favorite pair of dentures.  They were in the bathroom and just disappeared. I always suspected that my granddaughter had something to do with them disappearin’ since she was a toddler.” “Well,” she continued, “ last month my septic tank got clogged.  The fella came and fixed it.  I declare, I cannot tell you how excited I was when he handed me the clog… was my teeth.  I reckon my grandbaby threw them in the potty. “  Then she grinned and said, “Don’t they look good?”
I can think of lots of comments but the real point is that particular memory made my audience member snort….and that is “better than snuff and not quite as dusty.”

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