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Miss Ada, she’s a true Southern belle and an absolute icon of Johns Island. She’s been steeped in the ways of the world, and let me tell you, she’s been steamed, too! Every time you take a sip of her sweet tea, you’ll be reminded of the many words of wisdom from her life’s journey that reflects  the finest Southern values, and she’s a lady that’s truly worth emulating.

Who doesn’t love a good Southern expression that is wise and witty. I had the pleasure of speaking to the Statesville Chamber of Commerce last week, and the theme was ROAR! I shared some of my Sweet Tea Principles, straight from my book. It’s all about being Seasoned, Steeped, and Steamed, just like a good pot of tea and memories of Miss Ada. 

Sips of Wisdom…

-We come into this world bearing the likeness of our parents, but we depart from it bearing the likeness of our decisions.

-If you want be a world changer, don’t hold onto your grudges .You got to be more like a porch swing on a breezy day, letting go and forgiving all those who done you wrong. Trust me, forgiveness is the sugar in your tea that’ll help us all change the world.

Light Through Darkness Times

When Roberts Lewis Stevenson, the famous author of Treasure Island, was a sickly child, he had a strange obsession. Every evening, he asked for his bed to be moved near the window. And do you know why? It’s because he loved watching the lamp lighters light up every single lamp post on the street. He was so excited about it that he exclaimed, “Look! They are poking holes in the darkness!”
Now, isn’t that just fantastic? We can all learn something from Stevenson’s childhood excitement. Let’s go out there and poke some holes in the darkness like those lamp lighters did! Who knows, maybe we’ll even find some hidden treasure while we’re at it.

Living Long and Strong

At the sprightly age of 92, I had the honor of asking her, “What’s the secret to your timeless grace?” With a gentle smile and a twinkle in her eye, she replied, “Why, my dear, it’s all in the holy scriptures, 737 times to be precise. ‘And it came to pass’…such simple words, yet they hold such wisdom. For you see, all things in life come and go, just like the seasons on a well-tended garden.”

Thank you, Miss Ada.

Keep your light shining by punching holes in the darkness, making wise choices, extending forgiveness with a kind heart, and striving to live long and strong,

Jane Jenkins Herlong is a Sirius XM Humorist, international best-selling and award-winning author, professional singer, recording artist, and professional speaker. Her expertise in the art of public speaking has earned her a coveted spot in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame. In addition, Jane has achieved the recognition by the National Speakers Association as a Certified Speaking Professional. With her unique blend of humor, storytelling, and wisdom, Jane is sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience

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