Spanx for the Memories

Miss South Carolina week arrived!  I dragged the old pageant gown box from underneath my bed, blew off the dust and proceeded to pray that some garment with rhinestones fit. Outfit after outfit, the mirror was not too kind. UGGH. Finding the perfect outfit and dealing with weight issues is one flip-flop women do not like! My new book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops”,  being released in September, addresses weight issues that women face, spanx and much more!
Spanx to the rescue! I have a whole drawer filled with them; high waist, low waist, long boys, bra Spanx, non-bra, body suit Spanx, and the list goes on.
As an aging beauty queen it truly is a marvelous way to recapture somewhat of your pageant weight and revisit special memories.
Yes, as I walked the runway at the Township Auditorium with my Miss SC sistahs, we each remembered our moment of being crowned Miss South Carolina. Spanx for the memories…. 
But as time goes by, this picture paints a different scene.  I saw this pile of undergarments in the ladies room. Apparently, one women decided that enough is enough. I can identify with this picture since after wearing my heavy-duty Spanx for four nights in a row, I peeled off the garment and stuffed it into my evening bag.  It was another special moment, I could finally breathe.

Share this post with women who wear Spanx; it will make them chuckle. We all love “special” moments; the joy of wear and the relief of removing Spanx.

I love this guy!!!!  Thank you Larry Winget for the wonderful review!
“Jane has that rare gift of being able to write funny. I laughed from the first page right up to the last. I found the book totally delightful and that’s not a word I often use!”
Larry Winget, New York Times bestselling author, and social commentator and television personality
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