Speaking Engagement … An Evening of Laugher and Tears

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I was the speaker for Covenant Care Services, a Christian adoption agency for middle Georgia.  My dream speaking engagement is sharing my humor and singing with just this type of group.  These women have hearts of gold as they educate young women about adoption. The leadership team led by Former First Lady of Georgia Mary Perdue and former Chair Sandra Neal were amazing.  It touched my heart to be in the presence of great women of God who serve these precious babies, anxious birth moms, and excited adoptive parents. Covenant Care Services provides post-adoption counseling for any birth mom who has chosen to make an adoption plan for her baby as well as post-abortion counseling. It is a wonderful ministry!  Thirty-thousand dollars was raised that evening and the five hundred women who attended were lovely.

I always share some humor at the opening of my speech.

One story I tell is about an elderly woman who stood up clapping after I sang. She approached me and said, “Honey, I love your singing.  You have no idea how hard it is at my age to give someone a standing “ovulation.”” That story always gets a big laugh and leads others to share their stories.
One of the attendees, who serves on the CCS Board, told me a story about speaking to an expectant mother who was having her second child.  “Well,” the woman said.  “I liked my doctor but for my first child he “seduced” me.  I got a feeling when the time is close to having this other baby, he is going to seduce me again.”

You cannot make this stuff up!

It is refreshing to be a part of a wonderful ministry that is filled with laughter.  I believe having a community event like, “Ladies Night Out” is educational, enjoyable and all for a great cause.  Women love a good laugh and a delicious dessert topped off with great door prizes makes for a delightful evening.
It was a blessing to be a blessing to the community and highlight the amazing ministry of Covenant Care Services!

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  1. Beth Jenkins

    I think you might enjoy this story. An elderly lady was telling about a relative that lived near the Augusta golf course where the masters is held each year. She said they would leave home and rent their “condom” out to golfers for enough to pay their taxes for the year!
    Since this lady is deceased it is alright for you to tell this little funny.

  2. Joan Brown

    You were such a blessing! You made our Ladies Night Out a roaring success.
    I am enjoying your book “Bury Me with My Pearls” so much. My husband was in another room and heard me laughing. I shared some of your humor with him! I told Sandra Neal your mom and mine would have been great friends. I think she told you my mom’s wisdom about “condiments.” Hee!

  3. You’re still an amazing lady. If only I could grow up to be as funny as you are with all the stories you’ve heard in your life.
    Much love and prayers to you always,

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