Super Funny Christmas Stories

I had a blast asking my Facebook pals to share funny Christmas stories and memories.  My friends gave me permission to share the following stories…enjoy!

Sticky Situation

My Mother loved to entertain her Church Circle or Bridge Club. The living room was ready at a moment’s notice since none of us kids were allowed in there. She held a Christmas Brunch once. Honestly, I don’t recall for which group but it doesn’t really matter in this story. We had a dog. He was an overweight Basset Hound because she felt that he deserved his own serving of whatever she fixed for us kids. The morning of her Christmas “party” arrived. Everything was going beautifully until one of the old ladies stood up from her place on the sofa and had a piece of pre-syruped French Toast stuck to her beautiful dress on her fanny. My Mother, as well as the other Circle/Bridge members were mortified and didn’t tell the lady immediately. My dog had buried it in between the cushions, I guess to save until he was hungry later that day. I don’t remember Mom hosting at our house ever again. M.J. Duncan

Beauty Shop Nightmare

I always wanted a Cathy Quick Curl doll so I got one for Christmas. I loved her hair but little me got the scissors and cut it all off and I cried because it didn’t grow back. B. Richardson

Peanut Snow

Well, there was the time it was ninety degrees Christmas Day (Deep South Louisiana), and my dad turned the a/c down to about 60. Pretty sure we all caught colds. Also pretty sure he threw packing peanuts all over the living room for snow. F. Christenson

Monkey Business

When I was little I wanted a real chimpanzee, instead I got a stuffed Zippy monkey. While shopping in Savannah my parents spied it in some store and one of went back to buy it. I still have Zippy. They told me this story years later.

Fashion Fur Nails

When I was 10 I got a blue fur coat and pink nail polish. I was excited and polished my nails right away. Then we had to leave before they were fully dry. When I put on my new blue fur coat, some fur stuck to my wet nails. It was quite the look! T. Fickas

Recycled Christmas Tree 2.0

For years we had a half tree. My dad found a bagged up fake tree on the curb and brought it home. The central pole that the branches screwed into was broken. Dad screwed a bunch of holes into it, one by one, screwed it to the wall, and we plugged in the branches. It was the fullest tree you ever did see. I sure miss our half tree. F.  Christenson

Timeless Classic

One summer mom and I were helping Aunt Libby clean out her attic and we came across a framed poster of the South Carolina Dance Shag- the one that is pink with a record on it. I loved it. Turned out it was one of my Christmas gifts Mom forgot about… in 1987! C. Salter

Barbie House Bust

I remember the year that I wanted the Barbie house. I was probably 8 years old. It was the one with the cardboard snap together furniture and the house snapped at the top with a carrying handle and when unsnapped it folded out. (This was even before Barbie’s legs were bendable.) I came home from playing at a friend’s house one day and busted thru the front door to see my mom and my brother sitting in the living room putting all the furniture together. My mom was sooooo mad. She said… “couldn’t you have knocked?” I was like but mom, its my house, why would I knock. She said she had finally found something that I wanted and had kept it a secret until I busted in to see it. S. Boney

Creative Mrs. Claus

My goal at Christmas was to learn what all of my gifts were before Christmas morning, I liked knowing far better than being surprised. Each year, my Mom would tie tight ribbons around the gifts, which made it much more of a challenge because I wasn’t able to tie a bow back like hers. I was usually able to get into the packages but she became a little more creative. She would place a cousin’s name on the gifts or wrap up crazy stuff, like a square of carpet, a gum machine ring or Cracker Jack toy. Finding out what I was receiving was such fun. And, it was even more fun to act surprised Christmas morning when I opened all of the gifts. T. Nelson

Triggered Confusion

We were a quail/pheasant hunting family.
I had a lot of trouble understanding the song named, what I thought was named, “The 12 GAUGE of Christmas”. Had me perplexed till I was like 8 or 9…G. Shoulder

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