Learning from Ta-Tas and Fighting Breast Cancer

What Ta-Tas Teach Us to fight Breast Cancer
My sister had breast cancer.  Before this discovery, she had chosen to stop having her yearly screenings. After my sister’s breast cancer was detected , she eventually opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.   Her mastectomy could have been avoided if she continued to have mammograms; the best way to fight breast cancer is with early detection.
Since I speak to many hospital and health organizations particularly Healthy Women, I decided to write a beautifully illustrated book with twenty life lessons we learn as women from having “Ta-Tas.”  The book, available on Amazon….hint, hint…is a wonderful book to share with special women in your life since it is filled with common sense life lessons, health reminders, and  humor.  I also use the profits from this book to fight breast cancer. The first ” Ta-Ta” lesson from the book is shared in this blog and other lessons will be shared in future blogs.  The attached picture is from the book and it is drawn by a very talented artist named Beth Clark. Enjoy this first “Ta-Ta” lesson.
1.  Change Can be Painful. 
It was summer.  I remember running on Bird Key Beach in Charleston, South Carolina without a care in the world.  The only thing that bothered me was that my chest was hurting. I had no clue what was causing the pain until my mother suggested we visit Miss Dot the lady, with the big red lips and other outstanding features. To my horror, Miss Dot put me in a dressing room in Belk, a department store, and handed me one “double sling shot” after another. Sadly, the best the bra lady could do was offer me a lacy t-shirt with the little pink bow.
My body was changing and change can be painful.
We have all been through times of change and many times it does hurt. I have dear friends who have lost loved ones, suffered divorce, faced financial losses, and fractured relationships.  I personally have suffered the loss of family and fractured relationships.  The point is that change is both inevitable and consistent.
My daughter, Caroline, just graduated from college and is newly engaged.  Although this is an exciting time of change, it will have challenging moments.
In Proverbs 17:22, the Bible tells us a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.  I love this verse since it reminds all of us to be joyful and to have a good attitude.
So remember…the first Ta-Ta lesson is that during uncertain times, make sure that your heart (located ironically so close to our ta-tas) has the right attitude during the changes in life.

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