Suzie Humphreys is a WOW-Woman of Wisdom

Do you have WOW in your life? Are you a WOW?
I was delighted to hear Suzie Humphreys, one of my WOW (Women of Wisdom), speak last week at the National Speakers Association’s Annual meeting. My new book, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops” (now available for pre-orders), has a section dedicated to WOW.
I love Suzie’s style of speaking; her wit and wisdom are as sharp as a Texas boot spur. Along with her hilarious humor, Suzie throws in a zinger or two just at the right time. In her amazing presentation, she gave us three major bullet points for life and speaking:
Suzie Humphreys is a WOW-Woman of Wisdom-Love yourself
-Share your best self
-Laugh at yourself
I witnessed firsthand how Suzie’s presentation made an impact on one particular audience member when we shared the platform several years ago. During her speech, Suzie said, “If you are going to be depressed, get into it. Call in sick, put on that old terrycloth robe with grape stains on it, and wear non-waterproof mascara on your eyelashes. Then cry. I mean really cry. Then think of more sad stuff and let that mascara run down your face. Top it off with looking in the mirror. In about two hours, you will decide that you are sick of all of this. Here is what to do next; get cleaned up, dressed up, and eat some Mexican food.”
Suzie acknowledged that depression can be a serious condition, but at the conclusion of her presentation, she was confronted by a woman who scolded her for making light of depression. Suzie listened sympathetically to this hurting woman whose husband abandoned her many years ago, but Suzie was also brave enough to comment, “You are angry at this man. Depression is simply anger turned inward. Do yourself a favor and forgive him.”
Suzie and I were greeted with a hug from that same, stressed woman who confronted Suzie the day earlier. For a moment, I did not recognize her. She was different. Her walk was straighter, her face brighter, and her personality charged. I told her the difference in her look was an amazing transformation. “I needed this,” was her response, “I needed to hear what you had to say. I am tired of being stressed-out and irritated.”
It was truly a “wow” moment from a WOW. Share this story with others who need a WOW lesson on forgiveness.

Thanks to the beautiful and dear Shawn Weatherly Harris for her review of my book.

“I love the way Jane weaves old-fashioned wisdom from her family and Biblical truths to shed new light on how they can be applied to modern-day real life issues! Jane adds a fresh voice to the eternal yearning for meaning and purpose we all carry in our souls. Her writing sets itself apart from most self-help books by sprinkling all the salt and life lesson’s for living a Christian life with so much humor. I never felt preached to or condemned.”
―Shawn Weatherly Harris, Miss Universe, Miss USA 1980, actress, mother and wife

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