Sweet Tea Moments of Love and Laughter

Love and laughter are strong forces that bring people together.  

I found this to be true last week when I entertained a group at St. Simons Island, Georgia and met a super-senior couple on their honeymoon! I decided to dedicate one of my Big Band love songs to them… it was pure “sweet tea” magic for all of us who experienced the love and devotion of this precious couple!

A few days later, I had another incredible experience at different speaking engagement.

During Covid, my speaker friends were telling me that, “They were doing just fine and also making money on-line.” But I found myself sharing FREE videos for a group and questioned my business skills! Surely I could receive kind of payment from time-consuming projects like video production!

But payment came… not in the way I expected.

This same group booked me recently and after my speech, a nice woman sat down beside me.

“Did you have Covid?” she asked in a soft gentle voice.

“No,” I replied.  

“Well,” continued this sweet, soft-spoken woman, “I had Covid and was on oxygen for many weeks. It was a very scary time but I used the best medicine!” 

“Was it antibody therapy or a special drug?” I asked.

“No, I laughed my way through Covid watching your funny videos. I wanted to thank you personally for your willingness to share you humor. Your gift of laughter filled my heart and eventually healed my body. Thank you!”

Wow! This it was a sweet tea moment for me knowing that my videos truly did make a difference.  I realized that the gift of laughter is priceless!

We may never know the impact we have on another person’s life.  The most important lesson is to keep sharing your gifts with others even when you think no one is listening or laughing!

SWEET TEA SECRETS FROM THE DEEP-FRIED SOUTH shares fifty unusual, but true, faith-filled stories of growing up in the South Carolina Lowcountry. Whether you love Southern ways of life or find their ways strange and amusing, you’ll be entertained and inspired with warm Southern-fried humor and tried-and-true tips for attaining the best version of yourself. 

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