The Ta-Ta Song

No doubt, mammograms and taking care of our ta-tas can give us moments that flip us out. Last year when I was having my annual screening, I was told there was “something” there and a diagnostic was needed. I was not afraid until after several more films were examined, a sonogram was suggested. Yep, I about flipped out! Thank the Lord, all was well after several hours of rechecks.
My sister had the same experience but she was not as fortunate. She made a decision to stop having mammograms and years later, breast cancer was discovered leading to a double mastectomy. I will say that her attitude was wonderful during her treatment and, thankfully, she did recover.
Don’t neglect your annual mammograms and allow your health to flip-flop into a crisis. My new book, “Rhinestones on my Flip-Flops” is all about taking care of ourselves both physically, spiritually and emotionally. I decided to write a song to remind women to take care of themselves from “tops” to bottom. Click HERE to watch the Ta-Ta Song in action.

The Ta-Ta Song

By Jane Jenkins Herlong
To the tune of, If you’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands!
If you’re a healthy woman, clap your hands
If you’ve had a mammogram, clap your hands
If your breasts you have checked, in the shower when you’re wet
Then you’re a healthy woman, clap your hands

If you’ve had your legs in stirrups, stomp your feet
If you’ve covered with the sheet, stomp your feet
If you promise not to swear
And it’s time for your pap smear
On your legs please use some Nair
And wash your feet

Shake your bootie for the colonoscopy
Drink the fluid so the doctors they can see
If there are plops in your tract
Have them out and be relaxed
Shake your bootie for the colonoscopy

Fan your face if you’re hot all the time
And you can’t sleep, till way after nine
You’re afraid to sneeze
The chin hair you must tweeze
Cause You tinkle in your drawers
‘Cause we know it’s Menopause!

Just be a Healthy Woman, clap your hands!

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I was on FOX NEWS Radio at 2 PM Tuesday, October 17 for my in-studio interview
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Thank you all for your help and support! 
 This has been an amazing journey! Click on the “book” below and enjoy the first two chapters of “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops!”
I enjoyed Herlong’s sense of humor and laughed out loud a few times while reading Rhinestones on my flip-flops. Each chapter of this fairly short book contains entertaining stories, some Biblical wisdom and some uplifting encouragement that could be applied during difficult times. I think this uplifting book could be encouraging to women of all ages and situations in life.
My copy came as a pre-order and the day it arrived, beginning on page one, I could not put it down! Jane writes in a truly authentic and transparent style sharing truths about the ups and downs of life in a way that will make you both laugh and cry. This is a great read for today and a book to keep on the shelf for tomorrow. 

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