Ta-Tas and Pearl Friends

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“Bury Me with My Pearls”

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The month of May was a constant reminder of great life lessons from “pearl friends.”  It also had some challenges; at the end of April I broke my foot. I tease folks when asked, “What happened?” and say, “Don’t pole dance.” In reality I was wearing my Diva Shoes and made an awkward step. Boring…I did manage, by God’s grace to limp across the stage for many speaking engagements. Plus there were several moments to celebrate “pearl friends.” When I mentioned my situation to a lovely woman, Janice Buff, who booked me to speak at her Mother, Daughter, Friend Brunch, Janice mobilized her troops. As soon as my car stopped, there were many willing to lend a helping hand and foot. Along with my sweet daughter, Caroline helping me, the brunch was wonderful.                                                      

 Pearl Friends are there to help you.

 High Point, North Carolina was another amazing celebration. The Pink Ribbon Luncheon is held each year to fund the fight against breast cancer. My college buddy Beachy Cobb Allen hosted the evening prior to the luncheon with her special “pearl friends” at her home.  Of course the ladies arrived decorated with their pearls;  we chatted while enjoying  Beachy’s wonderful hospitality and hors d’oeuvres. The evening concluded with dinner and meeting Bert Wood who has a passion to help women who are either dealing with breast cancer or who have fought the good fight. Beachy, who is a breast cancer survivor and Bert are a dynamic duo. Along with Julie Hill, the Pink Ribbon director, these gals are unstoppable.

Pearls Friends are philanthropists.

 The Pink Ribbon Luncheon was unbelievable. Money was raised, the meal was awesome, and I was honored to share my music and message. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting by Marsha Slane.  Many of you may have seen or even own a beautiful design by Slane and Slane.  The creators of this beautiful jewelry are Marsha’s daughters. What is so attractive about Marsha is her beautiful spirit.  She is the kind of woman you feel as if you have known forever. Marsha wears her heart on the outside.
Pearl Friends are loving and giving. 
I was also invited to speak at the church were my former minister is the pastor.  Reverend Becky Shirley greeted me looking like a million dollars.  This is a beautiful woman who is stylish, trendy and knows how to pull it together. Flo Johnson, the organizer of the event is also a lovely woman.
Pearl Friends know how to combine faith with fashion.
The month of May concluded with Whitney Gilliam Graybeal inviting me to speak for another Mother/Daughter Celebration. I loved sitting with Whitney, her mother, Nancy and lovely grandmother, Mrs. Reel. It was a beautiful gathering of women. There was one moment that I will never forget.  As we were having lunch, Whitney made the comment, “Grandmother, the table was set just like you taught me. I made sure the point of the pie is angled towards you.”
Pearl friends share their “pearls” with the next generation.

    Be a “pearl friend” and celebrate all the gifts we are so richly blessed with. 


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