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The Way Forgiveness Works

I wrote my book, “Bury Me with my Pearls” from a personal journey using the analogy of a pearl. The book grew out of a chapter about forgiveness entitled, “The Dark Pearl.” Here is an excerpt from the chapter addressing forgiveness: We all dread those times when a dark pearl is added to our strand of beautiful creamy white pearls. We don’t want to put that particular pearl on our priceless strand, but ironically it can become the most valuable one of all. Its value depends on how we use and display that particular pearl. It can be a treasure or a Continue Reading

Holy Victim City- Charleston Shooting

Those of us who were reared in Charleston continue to be heart-broken with the horrific details of the nine murders Wednesday evening.  Hearing the words, “the city of Charleston” mentioned over and over again is surreal. This unspeakble act of terror does not fit the personality of Charleston; nothing makes sense. Charleston is a beautiful, eclectic city with a skyline of church steeples. The gunman was from another city and chose the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church to kill nine innocent people.  They were in Bible study and he sat with this group for one hour before killing them. Continue Reading

Yes, You Can Make an “F" in English 101 and Write Best-Selling Books

  Knock me over; it happened.  “Bury Me with My Pearls,” made it all the way to Number 35 on Amazon and listed as a Hot New Release.  Yes, you can make an “F” in English 101 and write  Best-Selling Books. God is so good to protect  this book and help it survive the Typhoon in the Philippines since many of the files were in that country. Please continue to pray for the victims of that terrible disaster.  I am thankful that a promise I made my mother came true on Tuesday, November 12, 2013  Thank all of you for your Continue Reading