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Gullah and Johns Island – Remembering My Past

When the folks at Elysian Magazine asked if I knew any Charleston chefs, I said “Well, I know a fabulous Lowcountry Gullah cook who has been cooking for Johns Island’s Rural Mission for over 30 years.” The next thing you know, I am calling Doris Sease (daughter of my beloved Tootsie) and arranging a photo shoot on our property on Johns Island.  The magazine just came out this week entitled, Continuing a Legacy.  Be sure to pick up a copy of Elysian Magazine and read this wonderful article.       Writer, Abby Derring and photographer, Josh Norris captured the essence of Doris’ passion Continue Reading

Save the Church from Evil Spirits

Speaking in LA is always a treat; not Los Angeles but Lower Alabama. I was at an event filled with fun-loving men and women. The conversation shifted to the local news, “Y’all hear about that little-ole country church that burned yesterday?” “Thank the Lord, that church has been abandoned for years.” “Yes,” responded one of the ladies. “They say a bunch of chaps burned that church. But we know that is not true.” “Yep,” chimed in another voice. “It’s because of that outhouse behind the church……you know it is haunted.” I snapped to attention since I love a good Southern Continue Reading