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Yes, You Can Make an “F" in English 101 and Write Best-Selling Books

  Knock me over; it happened.  “Bury Me with My Pearls,” made it all the way to Number 35 on Amazon and listed as a Hot New Release.  Yes, you can make an “F” in English 101 and write  Best-Selling Books. God is so good to protect  this book and help it survive the Typhoon in the Philippines since many of the files were in that country. Please continue to pray for the victims of that terrible disaster.  I am thankful that a promise I made my mother came true on Tuesday, November 12, 2013  Thank all of you for your Continue Reading

Remembering “Miss” Shellie's" Gifts and her Christian Love

My Harmony church family always hosts bridal showers for our members.  One Sunday afternoon before one of our bridal celebrations, my mind drifted back to the Harmony UMC ladies of yester-year and one dear soul in particular, “Miss” Shellie Matheny.  I love remembering Miss Shellie’s gifts since her present not the most expensive but always the highlight of the church shower. No doubt Miss Shellie’s gifts were her expression of Christian love. Miss Shellie would always give the most unusual gifts.  We all knew her package.  The large cardboard box was the most obvious of all presents.  Inside the box Continue Reading

A Rock and a Clown Nose

A Rock and a Clown Nose I have come to the realization that a rock and a clown nose represent principles of successful living. I discovered this life lesson at the funeral for my dear friend, Eileen Klein. As Eileen lay in her hospital bed nearing death’s door, she asked me to sing at her funeral. The song she chose was “We’ll Meet Again.” Eileen and I have a most unusual relationship of strange humor so I replied. “Yes, Eileen. I will be honored to sing at your funeral but I am singing a song I just wrote entitled, “She Continue Reading