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The Power of Three Good Things

The Spring daffodils have arrived and are my favorite of all flowers. They represent a precious memory of my grandmother, Anna Louisa Walpole Jenkins. “Lou”, as we grandchildren affectionately called her, would sit on the old Charleston Green swing and gently sway back and forth as she watched her grandchildren pick daffodils in her front yard. I can close my eyes and still hear the sound of the chains on the swing creak with every movement. Lou loved watching us pick her flowers. This simple event gave my grandmother great joy. Continue Reading

Why I Bought a Fake Christmas Tree

There comes a time when one eats the words of the infamous saying, “I will never, ever……” and adopt another saying, ”never say never…” The decision to buy a fake tree does not happen overnight. Most of the time is it a series of events leading up to the decision-making moment. Why I bought a fake Christmas tree started in back 1982. Thomas and I were still “newlies” and renovated our home just enough to have interest in the Johnston Women’s Club Christmas Too-wah for those the non-Southerners (tour). The problem was that I had NO furniture. Enter Cuz Wayne Continue Reading