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Mother's Day Gift of Pearls

This is a great gift for Mother’s Day.  My book, “Bury Me With My Pearls,” is in memory of my mother and on sale on Amazon for $7.95! This is a saving of $5.00! Take advantage of this great buy for Mother’s Day or for those special women in your life!  Just click HERE to receive a copy of my book that is a best-seller and the winner of two awards. Enjoy the life-lessons and laugh out loud!!! Continue Reading

Your Mother is Always With You

  Since Mother’s Day is upon us, I thought of some special advice to honor mothers everywhere, and in particular my mother. I miss her every day – her love for me, her laughter and her sense of humor. Here is a poem I found and the author is unknown.  It is touching and meaningful. Your mother is always with you…she’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street; she is the smell of beach in your fresh laundered socks; she’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not well. Your mother lives inside your laughter and she’s crystallized Continue Reading

Three Ways to Honor Your Mother After She has Passed Away

My mother died in 2009 and this time of year, close to Mother’s Day, is always a challenge for me. Here are three things I do to honor my mother on Mother’s Day. 1-Share a Life Lesson Tell someone, maybe a stranger, something special about your mother and a life-lesson she taught you.  My mother, in her humorous way, would make this comment referring to something too much for her to handle, “That is a huckleberry above my persimmon.” I love to share her funny comments and wonderful stories.  She was a jewel…my best pearl friend. 2-Visit an Elderly Person Continue Reading

Momma's Pink Hair Pick- Remembering My Mother on Mother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, I am sharing one of my favorite stories from my book, “Bury Me With My Pearls”.  This award-winning book (SCP Book of the Year)  is on sale and only .99 and a great Mother’s Day gift!   Enjoy this book that is dedicated to my mother, Eleanor McElveen Jenkins. Momma’s Pink Hair Pick I was rummaging around the bottom of my purse when I felt a surprised twinge of pain from some metal prongs.  It was my mother’s infamous pink hair pick that I thought would be the death of her. Even with her heart in a Continue Reading

Mother’s Day Tribute of Encouragement and Humor

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and one thing I miss about my mother was her gift of encouragement. After my mother died I have said many times that a mother is the last person who will defend you regardless of your circumstances. I have jokingly said if I called her and told her that I had murdered someone her response would be, “Well, Honey, I am sure you had a good reason. Would you like to go to lunch?” My mother was very funny, too. Enjoy this Mother’s Day Tribute story about my mother’s sense of humor and her encouragement from Continue Reading