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Spanx for the Memories

Miss South Carolina week arrived!  I dragged the old pageant gown box from underneath my bed, blew off the dust and proceeded to pray that some garment with rhinestones fit. Outfit after outfit, the mirror was not too kind. UGGH. Finding the perfect outfit and dealing with weight issues is one flip-flop women do not like! My new book, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops”,  being released in September, addresses weight issues that women face, spanx and much more! Spanx to the rescue! I have a whole drawer filled with them; high waist, low waist, long boys, bra Spanx, non-bra, body suit Spanx, Continue Reading

My Love/Hate Relationship with Spanx

“Are you wearing Spanx?” is code for saying, “You need some help controlling your fat.”  Of course then the “muffin top” becomes an issue. Oh, not to worry.  Spanx now has invented a body suit.  Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with Spanx. After so long, it is possible to have a blow-out in your Spanx. This is like having a garment aneurysm  where a weak spot develops and your flesh pops through. It is not sudden death but with your flesh protruding, it makes one feel like death by embarrassment.  It reminds me of what happens when a can Crescent Continue Reading