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The 'What To Say' Struggle

I was riding high after being crowned Miss South Carolina on Saturday night. Now it was time to prepare for the Miss America Pageant. Sitting in the pageant shop my mind was spinning with thoughts of a myriad of things to check off my list before walking on the stage in Atlantic City. I sat down by an older woman as I waited to meet with the gown designer. “My grand baby is getting a new dress,” said the proud grandmother. “Oh, that is nice.” I replied. “Yes-sire-re, she is gonna be in another beauty pageant. She is the Cucumber Continue Reading

Life's not Fair…Think About the Ta-tas

If I had a dollar for every time I said, “life’s not fair,” to my children, I would be “sittin’ pretty.”  You, too?  How do you explain to a crying young child that this is what to expect FOREVER.  Things will happen that just are not good or fair or right.   This is the second lesson I mention in my book, “What Ta-Tas Teach Us,” that life’s not fair. I would sit behind girls in class and envy their wide bra straps and count how many hooks they had.  I thought about the one pitiful, little hook I used Continue Reading

Yes, You Can Make an “F" in English 101 and Write Best-Selling Books

  Knock me over; it happened.  “Bury Me with My Pearls,” made it all the way to Number 35 on Amazon and listed as a Hot New Release.  Yes, you can make an “F” in English 101 and write  Best-Selling Books. God is so good to protect  this book and help it survive the Typhoon in the Philippines since many of the files were in that country. Please continue to pray for the victims of that terrible disaster.  I am thankful that a promise I made my mother came true on Tuesday, November 12, 2013  Thank all of you for your Continue Reading