Thanksgiving Kid Table…Do You Miss it, Too?

We did not know how lucky we were to sit at the Kid Table...
 We did not know how lucky we were sitting at the “kid table” for the Thanksgiving meal. There was no one to tell you what to eat or how to eat. You could help yourself to a mountain of mac and cheese. You were free to lob a roll across the table or catapult green beans with your spoon.
Cholesterol? No one knew what it was. My speaker friend Charles Petty said, “If we had had cholesterol when I was a child, Momma would have probably fried it.”
No manners were required. You could laugh-out-loud at that crazy cousin until your beverage escaped through your nose.
The adult table had china; the kids had Chinet. Their plates were carefully handled. The kids’ plates were Frisbees before and after the meal. The adult table was decorated with precious heirloom flatware; the kid table had plastic utensils and solo cups. Our napkins were paper towels; perfect for food fights.
Drumsticks fried in Crisco…diabetic induced sweet tea…chocolate delight.
We should have known the adults were not happy sitting at the big table. Their conversations were guarded and boring. Some of the relatives did not like each other and only fantasized about starting a food fight.
The adults could not eat their favorite foods. We would slip them the good stuff under the table. Eating turkey made the adults go to sleep while the same meat made us run around the yard.
All you youngins be thankful for the kid table years. Being an adult and earning your way to the adult table has a price; some grownups turn into turkeys, chickens and hams.
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