The Legend of Johns Island With Aging

No Question, when it comes to aging, she is the legend of Johns Island…

Porch Learnin’💞

Aging…I never imagined that sitting on front porches, soaking in tall tales by my kinfolk, would be my classroom for lasting life lessons. Here’s a fun example of how to handle stress… 🤣

Cudin Titta😬

Cudin’ Titta LaRoach..famous for her quick wit and a sense of humor, could brighten even the darkest day. Titta was something of a local Johns Island celebrity.

On her very last day of teaching—a career marked by laughter and learning—was the very day that a parent came into her classroom ready to unleash her fury. Standing in Titta’s classroom, with her voice thundering and fingers wagging, she declared, “I’m so angry with you, I have a good mind to knock your teeth down your throat!”

🦷Take a BITE Out of Stress😭

With the timing of a seasoned comedian ready to deliver a knockout punchline, Titta coolly replied, “I’ll save you the trouble.” In a swift motion, she removed her false teeth and handed them over with a flair that even a magician would admire.

This tale of Cudin’ Titta and her detachable dentures quickly became the stuff of local legend, a story told and retold at gatherings, much to the delight of listeners. It served as a timeless reminder on Johns Island: when life hands you situations too tough to chew, sometimes it’s best to just take out your teeth and smile. This story not only entertains but also teaches a valuable lesson on how to handle stress with humor and grace.

Funny Phone Tag📞😂

I was in Charleston looking after my mother when I heard the sad news that “Cudin” Robbie, Cudin’ Titta’s husband, had passed away. I went to the funeral home to pay my respects and there I saw their son, Stanny (his real name is Stanyarne—a name as Southern as sweet tea). As always, he was wearing a grin. Stanny, along with his brother and sister, had taken wonderful care of their father and continued to care for their mother. The funeral itself was a heartfelt celebration, with many from the Island community coming together to honor Robbie’s devoted service to St. Johns Episcopal Church.

Stanny really embodies the spirited nature of his fun-loving parents. At the funeral, he shared a humorous anecdote from just a few months before his father’s passing. Robbie and Titta were sitting together when Robbie suddenly told Stanny, “I need to tell your mother I’m working late.”

“Well,” Stanny replied, knowing both parents had dementia, “she’s right next to you, tell her yourself.”

“That’s not Titta!” Robbie insisted.

“Daddy,” Stanny corrected, “that is your wife.”

To help his father, Stanny dialed the home number from his cell phone and handed it to Robbie, while Titta answered the landline. There they were, sitting next to each other, chatting through phones. Robbie explained, “I’m still at work and wanted to let you know.”

“What are you doing?” Titta asked.

“All you need to know is that I’m working late,” Robbie concluded, before handing the phone back to Stanny and remarking, “Your mother doesn’t need to know where I am or what I’m doing. You can’t tell women everything.”

After recounting this, Stanny concluded, “You know, I had a choice to either be upset or go with the flow. I mean, it is what it is.” Then he burst out laughing and gave me a big hug.

Indeed, it is what it is. How we handle “what is,” like aging, truly shapes our lives.

From farm fields to fame, Jane Jenkins Herlong is a Sirius XM Humorist and international best-selling author. Alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Ray Romano, and Jerry Seinfeld, her comedy is known far and wide.

Not just a funny lady, Jane is also an award-winning author. She’s churned out five award-winning books, each one more Southern-fried than the last. Her latest gem, “Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep-Fried South,” is on the shelves of Cracker Barrel nationwide and is being optioned for an upcoming film.

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