The Power of the Positive Possum Vest

While I was remembering my mother, I stumbled across a favorite symbol of her sense of humor and wisdom…enjoy!

Rummaging through the few saved garments belonging to my mother, my hand rested on the texture of both leather and fur. Ah, yes— it was Momma’s infamous, iconic possum vest. We affectionately named the critter garment, “THE O.”

My mother had no idea the fur was possum when my aunt purchased it for $25.00 from a place (no kidding) called, Habitat for Humanity. “The “O” became a source of fun. Actually, the critter garment became quite famous debuting in my book,“Bury Me with My Pearls” and heard around the world on SiriusXM as one of my comedy bits.

“The O” vest is actually a personification of my mother. No, she did not play dead or jump into trashcans. What I am saying is that the vest was comical just like my mother. She proclaimed it “educated” when she read that the possum was from New Zealand. In other words, she made peace with the possum. Yes, I watched her make peace with many things. The best part of the vest was how she could flip the garment and reverse the look from leather to fur. My mother was masterful at understanding both sides.

I brought “The O” out of the closet because there are some days when you just want to talk to your momma. But until I enter into eternal rest and see her again, I will slip that vest on my sad self and remember the lessons she taught me—embrace laughter, be peaceful, and keep life in its proper perspective.

Your turn; walk through your “habitat” and find your own personal “O” to help trigger warm and fuzzy reminders. 

Wrap your mind around something that will help you stay out of mental trashcans loaded with burdensome garbage. You deserve better than that. And always remember, the best gift you can give yourself and others is to stop playing dead when there is so much living to do.

Yep, as we say in the South, “It’s fur your own good.”

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