The Wedding Proposal

I answered my cell phone standing in the checkout line at Lowe’The Wedding Proposals. The voice on the other end was my Caroline. “Momma, where is Daddy?  Where is Holmes?  I need to tell you-all something!”  She was so excited, her words were running together.  I knew instantly what was going on.  “Caroline,” I said. “Are you and Drew engaged?”  I was right on target. It was the wedding proposal.
Thomas and I are thrilled with the news.  Caroline and Drew are wonderful couple and will have a great life together.
The next day, Thomas and I drove to DeBordieu Beach outside of Myrtle Beach and had dinner with Drew’s family.  Caroline and Drew took us to the place of the proposal.  It was terribly romantic;  Drew copied a poem on a piece of paper with burned edges, rolled it up and placed into a clear bottle. It was truly a romantic event.
My mind drifted to Thomas’ proposal YEARS ago. We had only met the week before and were traveling though Columbia.  Thomas stopped for dinner at a restaurant in Columbia called, “The Lizard’s Thicket.”  So Southern with all you can eat fixin’s. No kidding, Thomas was gearing up to pop the question in-between the sweet potatoes and collard greens. It horrified me to think that this was IT.  I quickly changed the subject.  Thank the Lord the BIG question was popped minutes later traveling down I-26.  I’ll take the interstate proposal over the Lizards Thicket any day.
I asked Thomas years later what possessed him to propose at the Lizard’s Thicket. This was his answer, “I had a funny feeling in my stomach.  I thought it was love but afterwards I realized it was the collard greens.”

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