This Golden Rule made me BLUSH…literally!

It happens to the best of us. It is not a good feeling when you realize that you have made a major mistake and you want to knock yourself in your forgetful head.

You are traveling. You reach your destination. You open your luggage and you realize that you have left most of your toiletry items at home. It is late, so you make the most of the hotel micro mini toothbrush and tiny tube of toothpaste. But just like our dear Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day.”

Until tomorrow … when you realize that half of your make-up is also in that toiletry bag! Now, it’s serious ~ especially if you are a Southern woman whose momma taught you to NEVER to be seen without your “face” on. And, you have a speaking engagement in a few hours. Although you do not have your makeup, you do have the lessons your Momma taught you: it’s called, “Southern Ch-arm”.

I absolutely had it on; I mean, dripping with syllables I rode the elevator down to the front desk to my new BFFs, Peter and Wilford. God bless these two men for coming to my rescue.

The video tells the story but the question that continues to haunt me is, how would I treat myself if the counter was reversed? Would I have taken the time and the trouble to find a make-up bag left by a previous visitor and make sure the color was perfect for Miss Forgetful Priss?

The ultimate question: Would I have reacted likewise to help a Diva Damsel in distress? Would I give them lip or lip liner? Would I have raised an eyebrow or an eye-brow pencil?

Though Peter and Wilford were far from the make-up artists, they were creatively building the self-esteem of Miss Priss.

So, how can you make someone blush with confidence? Pass the blush brush, please!

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