Three Ways to Honor Your Mother After She has Passed Away

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My mother died in 2009 and this time of year, close to Mother’s Day, is always a challenge for me. Here are three things I do to honor my mother on Mother’s Day.

1-Share a Life Lesson

Tell someone, maybe a stranger, something special about your mother and a life-lesson she taught you.  My mother, in her humorous way, would make this comment referring to something too much for her to handle, “That is a huckleberry above my persimmon.” I love to share her funny comments and wonderful stories.  She was a jewel…my best pearl friend.

2-Visit an Elderly Person

There is so much loneliness in a nursing home or with someone who is living along.  Take the time to stop by and chat.  It will make your day and certainly be appreciated by the person you are visiting. You will never know how much a kind word or bit of encouragement means to others.  Many older women I know are hilarious! One older woman, I call them WOW (women of wisdom) told me that she loved my singing so much she gave me a standing “ovulation.”

3- Celebrate a Tradition 

My mother loved ice cream and a particular ice cream place in Charleston, SC.  When I visit, I order strawberry since that was her favorite flavor.  Celebrate your mother’s life, special traditions and fun times.

Read “Bury Me with My Pearls” and enjoy my tribute to my mother and celebrate your mother, too. Click here to order a Kindle copy!!! (Print versions also make great gifts.)


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