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This weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Todd Starnes Fall Get-a-way Week
end. It was held at the Cove, Billy Graham’s Conference Center in the beautiful mountains of Ashville, NC. The drive to the Cove alone was a kaleidoscope of breathtaking fall colors.
The weekend was filled with comedy, musicians and talented speakers.Comedian, Dennis Swanberg was a stitch, Lauren Green and Shannon Bream of FOX News touches our hearts and minds. It was a great group and an event to mark on your calendar for 2018.
Many of the speakers had some memorable quotes. Here are some of my favorites:

Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours. Yogi Beira
Disappointments are inevitable but discouragement is a choice.
Every time I eat ice cream every fat cell in my body sings the hallelujah chorus. Dennis Swanberg
Dennis Swanberg or “the Swan” as he is known, is one funny guy! Dennis also shared some wonderful messages. One presentation was his recipe for success. He said there are four key elements successful people have in common. They use the Pen or they take the time to write notes. They give money to causes or they use their Purse. Many successful people ask for guidance or Pray and lastly, they are Present or they show up.
What a great weekend of renewal and a reminder of life’s priorities.

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After I read a couple of chapters, I got a highlighter and started over. Within the clever humor is some awesome insights for us ladies. I even marked some pages to go back and look at from time to time after I finish reading. I love her outlook on life and humor.
Great inspirational book to give to friends or those that cross our paths needing hope and direction… or just some good laughs! Jane’s sense of humor and genuine, real life stories interwoven with spiritual truth is the perfect balance all of us need as we go through our own “flip flops” in life. The guts to be transparent and share her funny personal stories woven with WOW (women of wisdom) biblical stories, made me laugh out loud and nod my head in agreement at the same time. This is a book I’m keeping to reread when I need some truth, fun or a pick me up as life happens. Loved it!!!

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