Uncle Stanley’s Epic Tupperware Experience- It Flipped His Lid and Career

Leftovers and Laughter Were Sealed Tight

It’s truly remarkable how a simple Tupperware Party managed to alter the trajectory of Uncle Stanley’s corporate journey. He wasn’t some sales superstar or anything remotely similar. The whole saga kicked off on a regular Monday morning right within the confines of his office, involving a disgruntled employee.

Tupperware Tiff

Imagine this scene: a woman walks in, tears streaming down her face. “I’ve got a problem, and you’ve got to address it,” the teary employee exclaimed. “Susan threw a Tupperware Party, and I was the only woman in the office who didn’t get an invite.” With that, she let out a loud sob.

In his usual pragmatic and no-nonsense manner, a stunned Stanley responded, “Can you repeat that?”

Yep, he heard right. And it did not stop there. Because Stanley did not jump into action and reprimand the Tupperware Hostess for her plastic insensitive act, the sad saga continued…

Flipped His Lid

Later that very day, Stanley’s phone rang, and on the line was his higher-up located somewhere up north, from the corporate headquarters who was just calling to confirm a little something. 

“Guess what? A little birdie, or more precisely, your  disgruntled employee, rang up HR to spill the beans. She declared that you, yes you, did nothing to fix her office-Tupperware-Party-fiasco-induced blues.,”  claimed the boss man. “Well,” chimed Stanley with the timing of a stand-up comedian, “my day is more stuffed than a Tupperware container after Thanksgiving dinner.”

The Deal was Sealed

“We could use someone like you in our Maryland office,” said the gentleman from headquarters.  You seem to have a good head on your shoulders and an even better sense of humor. Plus Tupperware Parties are not a big deal in this part of the country.” Yep, this is exactly how Uncle Stanley got his career upgrade.

Uncle Stanley proved that you can seal your fate with the ingredients of laughter and the wisdom to decide what’s truly important to stress over – all it takes is a sprinkle of humor and a dash of discernment to spice up your career.

Jane Jenkins Herlong is a multi-talented Southern belle who can make you laugh, sing, and even teach you a thing or two. She’s a Sirius XM Humorist and an international best-selling author and professional singer, she’s got the literary and vocal chops to keep you entertained!

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