Undercover WOW Woman – Aunt Naomi

Aunt Naomi – An Undercover WOW Woman

You know who they are—the quiet “she-ros” of the church and community. In my new book to be released September 26, Undercover WOW Woman2017, “Rhinestones on My Flip-Flops” I discuss this amazing type of Woman of Wisdom. Pay attention to these “sainted ladies.” They have deep faith and wisdom through their many acts of kindness that are the fundamental pillars of a thriving body of believers.
Too bad Glenn Campbell never lived to hear my rewrite of his song, “Rhinestoned Cowboy” to my parody, “She Wore her Rhinestoned Jesus.” Aunt Naomi’s rhinestones were never worn on the outside of her clothing but on the inside of her heart. She had a gift that kept on giving—that stands tall today as a monument to her faithfulness.
What was her great gift? Cooking—that woman could cook. I remember watching her make her signature caramel cake. This was an amazing feat since she refused to use a beater to texture the icing. I watched her beautiful hands continuously beat the icing until she knew it was the correct consistency. The end result was perfection.
Along with other talented cooks in the community, Aunt Naomi entered cooking contests and gained National recognition for her skills. The end result was that our little community was awarded the ultimate prize of a Grange Building. Today this building is our church fellowship hall and is a constant reminder of the power of your gifts in action; regardless of the size of the gift. God can use us all.


Celebrate your gifts and strive to be a WOW-woman of wisdom! You will bless so many and shine your light for others to follow.


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