If you want to know someone, look at the way they use shopping carts

maxresdefaultIf you want to know someone, look at the way they use shopping carts. Actually, shopping carts speak a great deal about people.
You do it, too. We gaze into buggies (Southern version of a shopping cart) and wonder what these people are cooking or ponder how long before they die.
And then there is the weird stuff that happens at checkout. I have had a clerk pick up something from my shopping cart, scan it and ask, “This is so cute. Where did you get it?’ I want to say, “From the store down the street.”
How do you respond to the loud wheel cart? This is the lame cart that when you push it, everyone stares at you…plop, plop.  Don’t you hate that!  It’s like they are all thinking the same thing-STUPID. We all try to pretend it does not bother us. Right. I have been guilty of the covert operation of finding an unattended buggy and doing the switch.  But I let the store know they have a loud buggy with a broken or bubble gum coated wheel.
I also cringe when there are no sanitized wipes for the handle.  It is a proven fact that the handle on a shopping cart has more germs than a public toilet. GROSS!
There is nothing more telling than watching to see if people put their cart back where they got it from or leave them out.  I have seen run-a-way shopping carts bang up cars. I have a low opinion of those people who could care less.
Here are a few lessons about shopping carts that are related to our character. Select the right buggy, wipe your handle, buy healthy foods, and put your shopping cart back where it belongs.  Do a good deed and help others who are unable to reach for things and answer questions about items.  Help those who need assistance and offer to put their cart back in the right place. It is all about thoughtfulness, self-development and helping others.
Big character is reflected in the smallest of acts!

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