WHAT? Be Thankful for the Things that Drive you CRAZY?

This time of year we focus on being thankful. Have you ever thought of things that totally annoy you as being things to be thankful for? Here is my list:

 -I am thankful for a husband who snores in my ear. This means that I have my partner beside me.

-I am thankful for junk mail, robo calls and spam emails. This means that I am not dead…yet.

-I am thankful for a junkie closet. This means that I have clothes to wear.

-I am thankful for drivers who blow their horns at me when I am traveling. It means that I have a car.

-I am thankful for broken wheels on grocery store shopping carts. This means that I have a place to buy food.

-I am thankful for barking dogs in the middle of the night. It means that my old, dog Hobie feels good enough to bark.

-I am thankful for long checkout lines at Wal-Mart. It means that Wal-Mart is providing for many of us.

-I am thankful for a messed-up, disastrous kitchen next Thursday. This means that I will have family and friends around my table.

So what annoying things can you turn around and be thankful for??? Share this with those who may need a “thanksgiving” reminder

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