What Happens in Vegas…Can be Sprayed with Lysol

Something comical happened on the way to my friend’s church in Las Vegas. My friend who helped start this church has a heart for folks who are hurting and helped create a safe place of non-judgment for all, especially the prostitute community. I was eagerly looking forward to visiting this new safe-haven church.

On Sunday morning, I walked down to the UBER pick-up. As always, I walked to the rear of the car to check if the license plate matched the driver’s info on my phone. I was surprised when my driver said, “Can you give me a minute?”
“Sure,” I responded.

He grabbed a can of Lysol and sprayed the back seat where I would be sitting.
“I just dropped off some interesting ‘working women’…. commented my driver. Yep, Vegas on Sunday.”

“Well,” I said proudly, “I am actually on my way to a church that welcomes prostitutes.” My comment must have made an impression.

When we arrived at the church, I thanked my driver and I hopped out of the car. I glanced back, and, to my surprise, I saw my UBER driver, once again, shaking the can of Lysol ….

                   Want a good laugh?  Click on the picture!

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