What To Do When Your Health and Home is Turned Upside Down

Our home has transformed into an amusing mixture of a wellness sanctuary and a scientist’s laboratory, overflowing with more health gadgets and concoctions. It’s like GNC, the Joe Rogan Experience, and Inspector Gadget had a baby.

It all ignited when Thomas, having a midlife crisis decided to invert his world on an inversion table. He then hobbled downstairs and announced that he was suffering from a titanic headache. My response, from over four decades of marital bliss, was, “Well, you’re not Peter Pan, and unless there’s a bat signal I missed, you’re not Batman either.”

This one upside down episode, spiraled us through four ER visits, a four nights in the hospital, and transformed our house into a health junkie’s paradise. To say the least, we made some entertaining changes to our lifestyle.

Our Bed Became Electric!

Before your imaginations run wild, it’s not as spicy as it sounds. Thomas invested in a sheet, which to my disbelief, plugs into the wall! It’s this “grounding” fad, touted to rejuvenate your body while you snooze. So far, the sole beneficiary appears to be our cat, who’s now sporting a level of fluffiness and resembles an oversized cotton ball.

Here is a Sweet Tea Tip…

Beware of the SWEET…Sugar is the frenemy we never needed. Reluctantly admitting, my mornings now involve concocting smoothies like a seasoned chemist, mingling at least 9 mysterious ingredients before the fruit, almond milk, and ice. Recently, I opened the fridge and was bombarded by an avalanche of rebellious avocados. It’s standard now to ask Thomas, “What is this concoction again?” His usual reply, “I forgot, but some podcast guru swore it is good for you.”

Next Tip…Wait For it…WEIGHTS!

Thomas has been romancing our total gym more than he does me lately. I heard this odd series of grunts and  pants. Alter all these years, I know the meaning of each grunt, but this one was new. But then he appeared, wielding a dumbbell. Yes, our entrance is now adorned with a flamboyant red and silver dumbbell. 

But the best additional is to try to maintain a sense of humor through it all.

From farm fields to fame, Jane Jenkins Herlong is a Sirius XM Humorist and international best-selling author. Alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Ray Romano, and Jerry Seinfeld, her comedy is known far and wide.

Not just a funny lady, Jane is also an international best-selling author and member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. She’s churned out five award-winning books, each one more Southern-fried than the last. Her latest gem, “Sweet Tea Secrets from the Deep Fried South,” is on the shelves of Cracker Barrel nationwide.

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