Wisdom from IHOP: Never too Old to Have it All

Motivational Message from IHOP
Motivational Message from IHOP

I am getting to the age when age messages bother me. How special when AARP starts to inform you that you are almost 50 and can finally have the coveted AARP card. Ode’ to joy. AND they start informing you months prior to the big event. While eating breakfast the other morning I glanced down and read on my menu the wisdom from IHOP: Never too old to have it all.
IHOP’s definition of “it all” is a sausage, an egg over easy, hash browns, bacon and slab of Spam. Another insult is the age limit for this delicacy is 55+.  What if I am 54? Can I order everything but the slab of Spam? I wondered if they had another section that read, 85+“You are now too old to have it all” accompanied with a picture of prune juice, oatmeal, and a side order of Metamucil.
In my new book, “Bury Me with My Pearls” I love to highlight the wonderful library of life or the wisdom of the ages. These are the folks we learn from and lean on. They are the “been there done that crowd.” They deserve the menu that says, “Congrats! You are awesome and deserve the dessert/pancake of your choice.” AGELESS: Reserved for anyone, regardless of age who has made it through some tough issues.”
There is an expression that suggests that we eat dessert first. Ever wonder about the ladies aboard the Titanic who said, “No thank you. I don’t need that this evening.” Oh, yes they did.
IHOP’s initials mean: International House of Pancakes. NOT Inspirational Hope for Old People. So next time you are dining at IHOP and see that motivational/inspirational message, do yourself a favor and order breakfast/dessert of a chocolate chip pancake with whip cream and hot chocolate syrup. Just celebrate you!
Enjoy Jane’s funny YouTube video about the “Joys of Aging.” Remember the, “Bury Me with My Pearls” is coming soon!!! 11/12/13 #pearlsbook

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