Would a Beauty Queen Dare Milk a Cow in a Beauty Pageant?

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I heard this story and it quickly became one of my favorites to share from the platform. First of all, it is about a bold, beauty queen wanna-be. If you click on the video, it’s only 4.5 minutes, and you will hear funny moments plus great advice for the coming new year.
Here is my take of the story-
Challenge yourself! Talking to yourself negatively or listening to those who define you in a negative way, can be crippling. Give it a go and enjoy the possibilities!
Become really good at what you do. Malcolm Gladwell writes that ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness. Well, that’s lots of milk when it comes to this story!
Someone will move your bucket, too. Bless her heart, she did everything correct but someone mooved (can’t help myself) her bucket.
Yep, spilled milk happens. Now, here is the question…when someone moves your bucket, will you quit and cry over spilled milk or try it again?

Enjoy the video and share with someone who needs a laugh and encouragement to milk life for all its worth. 

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