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Become the best version of yourself and develop a sense of humor. Laughter diffuses stress, helps creativity flow and allows high functioning thinking. Plus, folks will like you more and you will like yourself, too.

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Ready for a little sweet tea wisdom and southern-fried humor?

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Jane is an award-winning author of many best-selling books.

Meet Jane Jenkins Herlong, C.S.P., C.P.A.E.

Funny Motivational Speaker & Then Some!

Determined to master insurmountable odds, Jane Jenkins Herlong, C.S.P., C.P.A.E. uses humor to overcome life’s darkest moments, laughs her way to “mental wealth” and shares the roadmap to success.

From working on her father’s tomato farm to competing on the runway of the Miss America Pageant and beyond, Jane ‘s masterful storytelling compels  audiences to laugh out loud while learning how to deal with difficult people, laugh through unexpected challenges  and say “NEXT” when people tell you “NO.”

Jane is a perfect opener or closer to your event!  She energizes and shift mindsets as she dishes out the most essential lessons in life and business.

“Within two minutes of presenting, Jane changed the entire energy in the room. She had captured everyone’s attention. They were laughing, hanging on every word and the overall mood was happy. Through her brilliant (and hilarious) storytelling and inspirational tone, Jane delivered an impactful message to our group. They felt empowered, encouraged and motivated to own their “runway,” because Jane told them not only how, but why and that she believed they could. I highly recommend Jane to any group looking for a reminder of the importance of laughter and believing in yourself.”
Holly Cline
The POWER Symposium, Amoena Corporation

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